Learn tips for driving by bicycles
Keep an eye out when driving by bicycles on the road!

Cyclists start to come out of the woodwork during the spring and, like spring flowers, are out in full force by summertime. You obviously won’t see cyclists sharing the road on the freeway, but if you spend a lot of time driving in towns, you need to know how to make the road safe for both you and the riders when you’re driving by bicycles.

  • Tip #1: Watch the road! Seriously. It seems obvious, but people spend a surprising amount of time looking anywhere but the road. Texting, switching the radio station—don’t text and drive period, but when you switch the station keep your eyes up and alert for cyclists.
  • Tip #2: Be aware of cyclists. Know where they are, understand their hand signals, and try to give them the right of way. Make eye contact with them so they know you’re aware of them. Think about where you are before you go to pass a bike—avoid doing so on hills or going around curves.
  • Tip #3: Don’t be annoyed at them—annoyance makes you reckless. They’re just trying to get where they need to go. You wish you could be that healthy and environmentally conscious.

Whether you’re in town or on a country road, be sure to watch for bikes here in the New Haven, IN, area!

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