Learn more about these Indiana travel destinations
Check out these Indiana travel destinations!


Tired of visiting the same old places? Visit these offbeat Indiana travel destinations this summer!


# 1 – Bluespring Caverns

Near Bedford, these underground chambers are home to the longest underground river in the entire United States. Down among the total darkness, you’ll find albino salamanders and blind cave fish. Guided tours are offered regularly.


# 2 – Market Street Catacombs

The City Market in Indianapolis is alive and well. These days, it’s celebrated and preserved as an historic district. Most people who buy their produce there these days probably have no idea of the world beneath their feet.

The catacombs were built back in the late 19th century. Back then, vendors would store their fare underground to keep it cool overnight. These days, you have to know the right person to get down there.


# 3 – Empire Quarry

Have you ever wondered where they got all of the stone they used to build the Empire State Building? Oddly enough, they dug it out of the earth near Bedford. A beautiful lake has filled the area in now and the quarry offers great opportunities for swimming.


The best road trips are the ones that get you out of your comfort zone. And that’s what these destinations are all about!

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