Check out these road trip do's and don'ts
Where are you headed for your next road trip?


Should we have rules for a road trip? After all, the whole reason we go on road trips is to leave behind those kind of places where rules abound. That being said, there are at least a few road trip dos and don’ts.


# 1 – Remember, it is a social event.

It’s good to be comfortable on a road trip. But getting too comfortable can mean exposing your travel mates to your idiosyncratic habits. Your messiness may not be a problem at your own apartment or in your own room but when you are sharing space with others, keep it tidy!


# 2 – Choose your travel mates wisely.

Like pretty much every other situation in life, don’t choose someone that is too similar or too different than you. Whoever you do choose, stay mindful of any potential points of conflict. Avoid politics if that is a hot topic. And of course, don’t travel with someone you can’t trust to be responsible.


# 3 – A little vehicle maintenance goes a long way.

Nothing makes for bad memories like breaking down hundreds of miles from home. Prevent catastrophe by doing a little vehicle maintenance before you embark. Check your tires and your fluid levels. Any routine maintenance that needs done–get it done!


In the end, it’s all about what you are driving and who you are riding with. Take care of those things and everyone should go smoothly.

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