Magnetic Ride Control
Learn more about magnetic ride control at Crumback Chevy!

Magnetic Ride Control is one of the most complex suspension systems currently available in the automotive industry. Designed to adjust the suspension to the ride, it’s one of the quickest reacting systems as well. Although it is incredibly complex, explaining how it works is somewhat simpler.

The first part of Magnetic Ride Control comes in the form of an Electronic Control Unit and multiple sensors. Together, they read the road up to 1,000 times per second and adjust the suspension accordingly. As a result, ride quality, vibrations, and vehicle cornering all see vast improvements that boil down to a more comfortable ride.

Each shock absorber is filled with a polymer fluid that comes packed with magnetized iron particles. Electromagnetic coils wrap around the shock absorbers and send electric charges through the liquid. When the particles receive the charge, they change their viscosity accordingly, ranging from a free-flowing liquid to a dense rubber.

Debuting on the 2002 Cadillac Seville STS, Magnetic Ride Control is currently in its third generation. The most modern generation features a competitive drive mode that hands drivers the capability to adjust the settings of the traction and stability control systems.

Here at Crumback Chevrolet, we’re proud to have a variety of vehicles equipped with Magnetic Ride Control at incredibly affordable prices!

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