how to choose a car for your teen
Check out our tips for choosing a car for your teen!



At some point in the life of being a parent, your child is going to turn 16 years old, and you’ll have to decide whether or not you are going to allow them to have a car. For those who do allow them to drive, choosing the right car can be difficult. Here are some tips for how to choose a car for your teen.


Don’t Overspend


A vast majority of teenagers are just so excited to be able to drive that they don’t care what they’re driving. As they’re slightly irresponsible anyway, it’s best not to break the bank when selecting a car for them.


Choose Safety


Teenagers aren’t always the best drivers, so it’s important to find a car for them that is safe. It shouldn’t be so old that there aren’t airbags, and there needs to be enough protection for them in the event of an accident.


Buy Used


Most teenagers don’t understand the importance of keeping a vehicle clean and maintained, so there’s no reason to buy a brand new car for them. New cars already depreciate in value quickly, and a new car owned by a teen will lose value even faster.


Whatever you choose for your teenager, they will be happy to have something to drive. Teach them to drive safely, and they will be just fine.

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