Chevrolet Bolt Models


The hybrid and electric vehicle segments have been gaining traction in the industry, especially with recent innovations and overall more attractive designs, whereas EVs once had a far quirkier, niche appeal. However, they’re often still limited by region when selling to the US market; many hybrids and EVs are only released in areas that are more “friendly” to green cars, such as the West Coast and other more eco-conscious regions. However, as of this September, Chevrolet Bolt models will be available nationwide.

Right now, the Chevy Bolt is only available in California and Oregon, but it has met with incredible success. The culmination of tons of testing, innovation, and engineering prowess, the Bolt can achieve up to 230 miles on a single charge—despite being far more affordable than the Tesla Model 3, its main competitor. As of February, dealers in even more states will be offering the Bolt, following by more additions in subsequent months until all states will be included by September.

Chevrolet hopes that this distribution of the Chevrolet Bolt models will help raise anticipation and awareness of the Bolt, making it one of the first-ever mainstream electric vehicles. The EV has already raised quite a bit of buzz in the industry due to its long range and affordable price tag, even winning some awards.

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