Fuel Pump

Drivers tend to look for ways to increase their fuel economy, even when gas prices are low. While gas may not be hovering around $4 per gallon anymore, being fuel conscious can save quite a bundle over a car’s lifespan. Here are some tips for getting better gas mileage from us here at Crumback Chevrolet.

  • Maintenance – Keeping a car properly maintained is pertinent to a long lifespan and, as it turns out, high fuel economy. Following the service schedule found in a vehicle’s owner’s manual can do wonders for a vehicle’s efficiency. Routine maintenance like oil changes, inspections, and tune ups can help find problems before they dramatically affect a car or fuel economy.
  • Tire Inflation – Properly inflated tires are a necessity to all vehicles, not just drivers in search of a smooth ride. Proper tire inflation helps increase fuel economy by around 3% in the long run. Even efficient vehicles, like the Chevrolet Malibu, can benefit from properly inflated tires.
  • Driving Habits – Driving aggressively is proven to reduce fuel economy by as much as a third. Drivers who hit the brakes, speed, and accelerate rapidly often see low fuel economy in both the city and on the highway. Slow down, relax, and enjoy the ride to see a real difference in efficiency.

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