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Avoid These Pesky Potholes With These Tips

Tips For Avoiding Potholes

Chevrolet is helping vehicle owners to extend the life of their cars. Recently, the brand introduced a list of ways to avoid potholes, as well as what to do if you hit one. The scourge of drivers everywhere, potholes can do serious damage to your car, creating flat tires, ruining alignment, and breaking suspension components. Read on to learn more about tips for avoiding potholes.

Chevy Suggestions

According to The News Wheel, Chevy suggests a number of things. Most importantly, slow down and avoid distractions. Never exceed the speed limit, as this can not only increase the amount of damage done if you hit a pothole, but it also reduces the likelihood that you can see and avoid a hole. Distractions like texting or playing with the radio should also be avoided when you’re behind the wheel.


You should also be wary of puddles, as these can mask larger potholes underneath. Try not to drive over standing water, however small the puddle might be. It’s also important to make sure that the tires are properly inflated, as this will help reduce the blow from a pothole. Any added cushion can only help.

Need Help?

If you do hit a pothole, stop by Crumback Chevrolet as soon as possible to have your car inspected for damage. You’ll want to have tires inspected, exhaust, rims, and alignment. If left untreated, such damage can lead to major breakdowns and repairs down the road. If you notice your car is not driving straight or that it makes strange noises after you hit a pothole, be sure to have it serviced as soon as possible.

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