Special Edition Chevrolet Trucks

Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary is coming up next year which means the festivities are just getting started. The latest means of celebration comes in the form of two special edition Chevrolet trucks. The 100th anniversary Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado models will feature special badging in honor of the brand’s centennial.

The special edition Chevrolet trucks will feature bowties from the brand’s first model, the 1918 Model T. The bowties will be navy blue with a chrome border and “Chevrolet” will be written on the dark part of the bowtie.

The same badging can be found on the bedliners and floor liners of each truck. And if that isn’t enough, the door will be emblazoned with “100 Years” badging.

The special edition Chevrolet Silverado will roll out on 22-inch wheels while the Colorado rides on 18-inch wheels. Both models will feature a dark blue paint job, chrome trim, tow hooks, and more.

The Chevrolet Silverado is expected to arrive this month. The Colorado will follow in November. Those who want to take part in the celebrations also have the option of purchasing a wide array of products bearing the special badging.

We can’t wait to see the 100th anniversary special edition Chevrolet trucks in person! If you’re interested in taking one of them for a test drive, give us a call at Crumback Chevrolet.

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