preparing your car for spring


Sometimes it seems like winter drags on and on. Believe it or not, though, spring is just around the corner. Winter weather can be particularly rough on your car, so as the snow starts to melt and the temperature starts to rise, be sure to follow these tips from Crumback Chevrolet for preparing your car for spring.


Get a wash

Let’s face it: Driving a car that looks good just feels better, especially as the temperature starts to rise. Washing your car after a long winter is also a good way to check for any corrosion or other damage that your car may have endured.


Change wipers and check fluid

You probably use your windshield wipers a lot during the winter months. Between ice, snow, and salt, they can take on plenty of damage, so it might be time to replace them. Also, be sure to make sure to check your wiper fluid levels.


Monitor your tires

While cold weather makes the air in your tires contract, warmer air can cause expansion, leading to improper tire alignment. Make a point of checking your tires for the correct inflation, alignment, and tread as winter transitions into spring.


Following these simple tips will help your car recover from winter’s onslaught. Plus, it’s likely to result in improved performance and reliability that will make it easier for you to enjoy the warmer months ahead.

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