Wiper Blades


Spring is finally here, and that means longer days, warmer temperatures, and the perfect conditions for a scenic drive. Before you take off on that road trip, though, it’s important to perform a bit of spring car maintenance. Doing so is easy and will ensure your car is in peak condition.


Change oil and filters

Going too long without changing your vehicle’s oil can result in reduced overall performance, poor fuel efficiency, and even costly damage to your engine. As spring gets underway, make sure to either change your car’s oil yourself or schedule an appointment with our service department to handle the work for you.


Replace wiper blades

Winter weather can really do a number on windshield wiper blades. If your vehicle’s wiper blades are bent, cracked, or peeling off, it’s time to replace them. They’re relatively inexpensive and crucial to your safety behind the wheel.


Check on your battery

Colder temperatures are extra taxing on your vehicle’s battery, so it’s especially important to verify it is in good shape going into spring. Make sure the battery holds a full charge and is free of excessive corrosion and grime. If it seems to be underperforming, it’s better to replace it now so you aren’t left stranded with a dead battery.


Call Crumback Chevrolet to schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians; they’ll make sure your car is ready for the demands of spring.

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