A year and a half ago, on February 12th of 2014, eight rare Corvettes fell into a freak sinkhole that had opened up in the National Corvette Museum’s Skydome. One of these vehicles was the one millionth Corvette ever produced, a 1992 convertible. Chevrolet pledged to restore the vehicle to its former glory, and now, as of a recent announcement from Chevy, they have accomplished this feat at last.

Chevy assembled a team of thirty experienced technicians and craftspeople for the restoration project. However, as they disassembled the car, they realized that many of the parts underneath the Corvette’s exterior had been autographed by the original assembly line workers who made them.

Fortunately, most of the signed parts could be saved. Two of the parts were damaged, but team members were able to scan and reproduce copies of the original signatures, while for one badly mangled piece, the team was able to track down employee Angela Lamb to get another signature from her.

The team also ensured the one millionth Corvette was repaired with parts of the car color and model year in order to preserve its historical authenticity. The Corvette will now go back on display at the National Corvette Museum, alongside two other restored cars and five vehicles that will be left as-recovered for a new sinkhole exhibit.

Just in case a freak sinkhole opens under your garage, be prepared with the Crumback Chevrolet Service Department on speed dial! We’ll take good care of you and your vehicle – just like Chevy took care of the one millionth Corvette.


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