The Camaro and the Colorado win two Motor Trend Awards for Chevrolet this year.
The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro (pictured) and the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado received two Motor Trend awards for Chevy this year.

Motor Trend magazine is a big deal, and the publication gives annual awards to the best Car, Truck, and SUV of the Year. With the auto industry producing more innovative, durable, and high-quality vehicles every year, the market is becoming increasingly competitive and oversaturated, making obtaining top honors from a top publication a big deal. But Chevrolet managed to lay claim to not just one, but two Motor Trend awards this year.


The awards in question are the Car of the Year and Truck of the Year – the Camaro and Colorado, respectively. The Camaro is a modern classic, highly-recognizable and more agile and lighter than ever. The next-generation sports car is acclaimed among enthusiasts everywhere who just can’t get enough of its top-notch performance. The Colorado, on the other hand, has a recent history of success, having won Motor Trend‘s title for the second year in a row now. The new Duramax diesel option certainly added to the Chevy Colorado’s appeal.


Winning two Motor Trend awards demonstrates Chevrolet’s excellence in engineering and continued attention to detail to the company’s products. The innovative new Camaro and wildly popular Colorado are only two members of the company’s best-selling, award-winning lineup.


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