winter bucket list


With the winter months rolling in, there are plenty of festive activities you can enjoy with the whole family. This season, create a winter bucket list and check off the items as you go! Here are some suggestions for your winter bucket list this year:


Bake homemade goodies

Sugar cookies, homemade bread, pies – there’s tons of delicious treats that people love to eat around the holiday season. Spend some time making them as a family.


Play in the snow

This is an obvious one. Go sledding, make snow angels, and build snow forts and snow men! Get your coats and scarves on for a day out in the snow.


Movie night with hot cocoa and soup

Get the whole family together for a marathon of winter or holiday themed films, complete with mugs of hot cocoa and warm bowls of chicken noodle soup.


Ice skating

You can go to an ice skating rink or wait for the outdoor lakes to freeze over for some traditional winter fun.


Donate blankets and clothes

The holiday season is a time of generosity and love towards strangers. Spread a little holiday cheer by donating blankets or clothes that you no longer use.


Have a pajama day and camp inside

Set up a tent in the family room and spend the evening hanging out in your pj’s and camping out. You can even pair this with the family movie night if you’d like!


Read storybooks by the fire

There are plenty of children’s books about the holidays or snow days. Pick out some of your favorites – and let your kids pick, too – and get a warm fire burning in the hearth.


What would you put on a winter bucket list with your family? At Crumback Chevrolet, we hope you have a festive, family-filled holiday season.